Welcome Color To World

Welcome, we are gladly announcing to you our low-poly multiplayer project for two players Welcome Color To World.(WCTW)

Story and what is this game about? Our first thought of the creation of the story was a color and it's gameplay and story. In the story you play as two brothers (Dax and Fox), they are living in the one of the last human towns, that was not destroyed, but nothing is forever and the old evil and darkness is coming back on the land. Mysterious lord of evil and darkness Bokrieg is removing the last pieces of people race with his army. The only thing he wants is capture Dax, because he is the only one who resisted from his weapons and your goal is to overthrow him, before your time runs out!

Playing for both is completely different, Dax is better on movement, helping with puzzles and quick approach and the Fox on the painting, building, inventory sorting and finding path. On your journey you are completing side quests, puzzles or you can just sit to the fire, bake sausage and sing. Your choice is only on you and your style of playing the game. With your friend or just another player your enjoying, the feeling of this big world, which is separated between 35 unique levels with 6 different bioms, that in the local or internet multiplayer for two players in adventure with RPG perks.

375 CZK

HW Requirements

Minimal Requirements

720p - [45FPS/ Very Low]

OS: Windows 8, 10

Processor: Intel Celeron G4930


HDD: 12 GB

Graphics card: GT 710

Recommended Requirements

1080p - [60FPS/ High]

OS: Windows 8, 10

Processor: Intel Core i3-8100


HDD: 12 GB

Graphics card: GTX 1060